Brandon is Officially an Amazing Racer

Brandon from Cold Blue Mountain in Amazing Race 23

Pretty stoked to announce that our singer Brandon and his childhood homie Adam (the dude on the right with amazing fashion sense) are contestants on the upcoming season of reality show The Amazing Race. Yeah, the one on TV! The one your mom watches. Your mom will officially be into the same band as you; bummer dude. Check out their awesome intro video here, and set your DVR for the first episode September 29th.


“White North” Up for Free Download at

It’s only fitting “White North” is today’s free download over at PureGrainAudio, a site that hails from the wintry majesty of Canada. We’re much obliged. Do us (and them) a solid and go grab the track at their website, or better yet (since you might already have it) share it with the homies, who may yet be unaware of our own wintry majesty. Sound good?

Buy Our Record, Buy a Tape…BUY BOTH


Cold Blue Mountain Meme

So you’re on the internet, which means that you could find our record for free in about 6 seconds using Google. And you know what? That’s cool. At least you (hopefully) listened to it! But maybe you’re like us, and you like your music the way you like your sex: physical, legal, paid for, loud, hard, REAL HARD…I mean, in hard copy format. Anyway, now’s your chance to pick up our self titled debut record in two badass formats, cassette and limited edition blue/white vinyl. The vinyl is only available from us, and is limited to 100 copies, most of which are already gone. So don’t sleep. Both the tape and the vinyl also include a download code, so if you’re not the illegal pirating type, you can get yourself a digital copy of the record as well. Both are HIGHLY suggested, and will only increase in value once the world realizes our greatness* You can find them both at our nifty little online merch store here. DO IT.


*These statements are not a guarantee of results


As you may have surmised, this is our fetal website. Hopefully we will have shit for sale soon; you know, cut out the middleman. In the meantime, gaze upon our hamfisted web development skills. And oh yeah, by the way, come to this show: EPIC FEST August 31st, in Chico featuring ourselves, our friends Armed for Apocalypse, and more Northern California metal bands than you can shake a stick at. HELLA


Flyer for Epic Fest in Chico, CA