Cold Blue Mountain / WAKE / Touch Fuzzy Get Dizzy 2/15 at Cafe Coda

Cold Blue Mountain Cafe Coda Poster

Stoked to play our first show back in Chico since our Northwest excursion last month. Even stokeder to be doing it with Canadian grind bros Wake and Adrian’s rad other band Touch Fuzzy Get Dizzy. If you’re fortunate enough to be a resident of the greater Northern Sacramento Valley region, don’t fuck around and get to this goddamn show, k?

Mvsic as Heroin Sampler

Compilations are always awesome for the same reason that music festivals are awesome: even if you don’t know who the fuck any of the bands are, there’s always gonna be at least one who rules. In the case of the latest sampler from Mexican music blog Music as Heroin you KNOW there’s at least one rad band on that shit, because WE’RE on it! But thankfully, theres a ton of other rad bands on there as well. And best of all: you can download that shit for free via the Bandcamp link above.