‘Old Blood’ Full Album Preview at Decibel Magazine

Not only is it the first weekend of Rocktober (!) but it’s also the last weekend before the release of our new record, “Old Blood.” To help us celebrate both, Decibel Magazine has posted a stream of our ENTIRE NEW RECORD! Check it our via Soundcloud above or go to Decibel’s blog, then pre-order the fuck out of the record from Halo of Flies.

“Meet the Teams” on The Amazing Race Season 23

Must be the unofficial “put dudes from Cold Blue Mountain in your YouTube video day.” Check out Brandon and our buddy Adam in this quick “Meet the Teams” promo video for the upcoming 23rd season of CBS’ The Amazing Race. For more on Brandon and Adam’s long friendship (and how the hell they ended up on TV) check out their full video here.

Violent Resonance Contest

Violent Resonance Contest

Stoked to be a part of a rad contest over at Violent Resonance.  Just send them your gnarliest metal show story from 2013 via Facebook or e-mail and you’ll be entered to win the entire Gogmagogical Records vinyl catalog, including records from Fister, Kingsblood and the blue/white version of our self-titled album. The easiest wax you’ll find this side of your own damn ear (and maybe even easier than that). Check out the details here and get to entering now. Don’t have a good story? Come to our show on September 19th with Windhand and Amarok and make a memory, man.

Brandon is Officially an Amazing Racer

Brandon from Cold Blue Mountain in Amazing Race 23

Pretty stoked to announce that our singer Brandon and his childhood homie Adam (the dude on the right with amazing fashion sense) are contestants on the upcoming season of reality show The Amazing Race. Yeah, the one on TV! The one your mom watches. Your mom will officially be into the same band as you; bummer dude. Check out their awesome intro video here, and set your DVR for the first episode September 29th.


“White North” Up for Free Download at PureGrainAudio.com

It’s only fitting “White North” is today’s free download over at PureGrainAudio, a site that hails from the wintry majesty of Canada. We’re much obliged. Do us (and them) a solid and go grab the track at their website, or better yet (since you might already have it) share it with the homies, who may yet be unaware of our own wintry majesty. Sound good?