Year-End Update

Cold Blue Mountain at Lake Michigan

After touring v hard (for us, at least) in 2015, 2016 has been pretty chill. We’ve taken some time off to do the other things we all have to do, but we’ve also been holed up in our little shed working on new songs, new recordings and some new releases that will hopefully be seeing the light very soon. In the mean time, we just wanted to take a minute to say thanks again to everyone who has bought records, come to shows, downloaded our old demo on a Russian torrent site, or liked our silly jokes on social media this year. See you in 2017.

Photo by Michelle Camy. 

Mvsic as Heroin Sampler

Compilations are always awesome for the same reason that music festivals are awesome: even if you don’t know who the fuck any of the bands are, there’s always gonna be at least one who rules. In the case of the latest sampler from Mexican music blog Music as Heroin you KNOW there’s at least one rad band on that shit, because WE’RE on it! But thankfully, theres a ton of other rad bands on there as well. And best of all: you can download that shit for free via the Bandcamp link above.