“Seed of Dissent” Video Trailer / September Tour Dates

To commemorate the forthcoming repress of our album “Old Blood” on vinyl (pre-order that shit via Halo of Flies here) we decided to make a video for the first song of that album, “Seed of Dissent.” The trailer for that video, also coming soon, can be seen above. We’re also getting ready to get our asses back on the road, to the Northwest, Midwest, and beyond, including a stop at this year’s Bayview Bash in Milwaukee, September 19. Check the tour dates on our tour page and holla atcha boys!

Some Serious Crucialfestage

We made our way this past week to Salt Lake City for Crucialfest 5, playing some rad shows with our dudes North and Secrets of the Sky on the way out, and playing some equally badass shows on the way back to California (including tonight in Sacramento with Castle!) But the reason for the season was definitely Crucialfest. We had a great time, and play some live jams, including an as-yet-untitled new song that we have been working on for a little bit and hope to record for something or someone soon. Check the video above and keep your eyes peeled for some fall tourdates coming real soon.

‘The Strongest Will’ Video

The final, unrated, director’s cut of the video for “The Strongest Will.” It might not look like it, but we actually had a ton of fun spending an entire day goofing around in a swimming pool with beautiful women, shitty keg beer, delicious food courtesy of The Beef Jar and equally delicious moves on the wheels of steel by Matt Loomis (who also happens to be the artist behind the cover of our new record). Watch the video and share it with your friends, or enemies, depending on whether or not you like it.

Cold Blue Mountain YouTube Channel

To prepare our ethereal online bodies for the imminent arrival of our new video, we’ve gone and done up a YouTube channel, which you can find here. While you wait, you can check out every song off our record, including “MK Ultra” above. If you “do the tube” subscribe and be there when the magic happens.

“Branch Davidian Compound” Video Shoot

We spent the weekend shooting a video for the song “Branch Davidian Compound.” ¬†Despite having to wake up at the buttcrack of dawn both Saturday and Sunday and being forced to listen to our own song a thousand times at ear-pummeling volume, we managed to have a fucking amazing time, laugh pretty much nonstop, eat a lot of delicious crappy food, drink way too much coffee, way too much crappy (and occasionally uncrappy) beer and somehow not drive Brandon’s wife Michelle, who got talked into filming the video for us, completely insane. Special thanks to Michelle for being awesome, for the dude at the FroYo place for letting us come film there, to Brandon’s neighbors for somehow not calling the cops on us despite walking around with guns all weekend and playing music at exceptionally loud volumes at 7 in the morning, and especially to the horse for not bucking me off. Check a few pics below (or for mobile users, click here) and stay tuned for the video coming soon to a YouTube near you.