Epic Fest 2


Epic Fest 2 PosterNow that we’re home from our little Northwest tour, we’re gonna take a few weeks off to hopefully write some more songs, go to our jobs that actually pay money, and do other cool shit like sweat our goddamn asses off in the hellish climate of Chico, CA. BUT, the next show we have on the docket is worth the wait: we’re headlining the second day of Epic Fest, a two-day heavy music festival in Chico taking place July 24th and 25th. Sesar and Brandon have been putting this thing together for months and have assembled not only the best heavy bands from Northern California, but also some of our favorite bands from other parts of the state and other states completely. Should be a fucking badass time. You can purchase tickets online here and get the full rundown on Facebook.

Poster by Matt Loomis

‘The Strongest Will’ Video

The final, unrated, director’s cut of the video for “The Strongest Will.” It might not look like it, but we actually had a ton of fun spending an entire day goofing around in a swimming pool with beautiful women, shitty keg beer, delicious food courtesy of The Beef Jar and equally delicious moves on the wheels of steel by Matt Loomis (who also happens to be the artist behind the cover of our new record). Watch the video and share it with your friends, or enemies, depending on whether or not you like it.

New LP ‘OLD BLOOD’ Coming Soon on Halo of Flies Records

Cold Blue Mountain

We’re extremely fucking psyched to announce that our new LP Old Blood will be coming out later this summer on Milwaukee’s Halo of Flies Records. We’ve been working on this record for the better part of the last two years and it’s an immense honor to work with one of the most respected labels around on getting it out. The record is being mastered as we speak, and cover art is being covered (once again by the inimitable Matt Loomis)  so we should have a solid release date very soon. In the meantime, go buy some records.