The Cold Blue Mountain September Tour Dates You Never Knew You Wanted

Cold Blue Mountain September 2015 Tour

Hey remember when we said we were going on tour in September? Well guess what? It’s September. And we finally got our shit together enough to post the 100% OFFICIAL tour dates, which can be found below. This tour, besides being badass because its not duringthe yearly hell that is winter everywhere outside of California, will also rule because our friend Chris Keene (who recorded and mixed our last record) will be joining us on guitar. Here’s to two weeks of jean shorts, truck stop pizza, wood floors, and tight hangs with crucial bros across this great land:

Cold Blue Mountain September 2015 Tour Dates:

9/11 High Water Mark, Portland OR,
9/12 The Mix, Seattle, WA
9/13 Thunderdome, Spokane, WA
9/14 Aesthetic Agony Tattoo, Billings, MT
9/15 New Direction, Fargo, ND
9/16 Secret Service, Minneapolis, MN
9/17 The Plus, Eau Claire, WI
9/18 Union Jack Appleton, WI
9/19 Bayview Bash, Milwaukee, WI
9/20 Yacht Club Iowa City, IA
9/21 Lookout Lounge Omaha, NE
9/22 7th Circle Music Collective, Denver CO
9/23 Diabolical Records, Salt Lake City, UT
9/24 Jub Jub’s Reno, NV

…More Like Two Thousand and TOURteen

Cold Blue Mountain on Tour

We’re getting the New Year started in pretty much the same way we got the last one started: by utterly and completely dominating the Pacific Northwest, including but not limited to the great states of California, Oregon, Washington, Cascadia, Jefferson and I’m sure a couple of other made up states that people who live in the forest and hate the government have thought up. We’re starting it out with an awesome tour benefit show at the 1078 Gallery in Chico with our friends and veteran roadmasters Armed for Apocalypse. Try to name a better two-band bill than that (PROTIP: You can’t). From there we’re playing some old haunts  like The Highline in Seattle and The Know in Portland (both of which we’re PUMPED about) but also some places that completely exotic for us, like The Alibi in Arcata with a pretty upset band named Blackwitch Pudding. All said, should be bretty gud, as long as it doesn’t shit snow all over us and/or our bosses/wives/girlfriends/pets don’t decide they’re better off without us while we’re gone. But regardless, looking forward to seeing some friends, and making some new one. Check the dates below.

Cold Blue Mountain Tour dates:

1078 Gallery
Chico, CA

The Dojo
Redding, CA

Club 66
Ashland, OR

The Know
Portland, OR

2nd Cycle
Tacoma, WA

Highline Bar
Seattle, WA

Olympia, WA

Salem, OR

Tiny Tavern
Eugene, OR

The Alibi
Arcata, CA