“Seed of Dissent” Video Trailer / September Tour Dates

To commemorate the forthcoming repress of our album “Old Blood” on vinyl (pre-order that shit via Halo of Flies here) we decided to make a video for the first song of that album, “Seed of Dissent.” The trailer for that video, also coming soon, can be seen above. We’re also getting ready to get our asses back on the road, to the Northwest, Midwest, and beyond, including a stop at this year’s Bayview Bash in Milwaukee, September 19. Check the tour dates on our tour page and holla atcha boys!

Violent Resonance Contest

Violent Resonance Contest

Stoked to be a part of a rad contest over at Violent Resonance.  Just send them your gnarliest metal show story from 2013 via Facebook or e-mail and you’ll be entered to win the entire Gogmagogical Records vinyl catalog, including records from Fister, Kingsblood and the blue/white version of our self-titled album. The easiest wax you’ll find this side of your own damn ear (and maybe even easier than that). Check out the details here and get to entering now. Don’t have a good story? Come to our show on September 19th with Windhand and Amarok and make a memory, man.

Buy Our Record, Buy a Tape…BUY BOTH


Cold Blue Mountain Meme

So you’re on the internet, which means that you could find our record for free in about 6 seconds using Google. And you know what? That’s cool. At least you (hopefully) listened to it! But maybe you’re like us, and you like your music the way you like your sex: physical, legal, paid for, loud, hard, REAL HARD…I mean, in hard copy format. Anyway, now’s your chance to pick up our self titled debut record in two badass formats, cassette and limited edition blue/white vinyl. The vinyl is only available from us, and is limited to 100 copies, most of which are already gone. So don’t sleep. Both the tape and the vinyl also include a download code, so if you’re not the illegal pirating type, you can get yourself a digital copy of the record as well. Both are HIGHLY suggested, and will only increase in value once the world realizes our greatness* You can find them both at our nifty little online merch store here. DO IT.


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